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What are Ickle Peeps?


Ickle Peeps, which simply means "little people" are characters from the graphics website and are the creations of the artist Steve Ebdon, whom is previously known for the Ultima Online comic Sosarian Tales.

They are generally creatures easily recognisable from folklore, fantasy and popular fiction, however there are quite a few conjured up from the artists own imagination and all have their own back story briefly outlined via "Icklepedia", the sites online bestiary, which covers anything from size, stature and colouration to habitat and origin.

However, is that all there is to tell?  Is there anything hidden in the detail or possibly any untold tales regarding these mysterious little creatures? Well, let's find out what there is to know.

Not of this world


As many of the Peeps can be found throughout common folklore, then it would stand to reason that they were something of this world, however this isn't the case.

The Peeps are actually imagined to be from an alternate version of our own Earth known as "Ert"
The differences between worlds are very subtle, such as additional flora and fauna, different lands and locations, differences in certain technologies and of course the prominent existence of magic. However the most noticeably obvious difference would be the additional variety of Fae. With multiple species, subspecies and hybrids as well as those from the various clans and factions, the possibilities are endless.
The original concept of the site was to feature creatures recorded in folklore throughout the world and, although there are a multitude of colourful characters to choose from, this began to feel limited as well as being a subject, which has been visited many times before.
The temptation to create a personal world, full of creatures limited only by ones imagination as well as putting an artistic twist on those already well rooted in our own myths and legends seemed a far better canvas to work with and so, Ert came into existence. There are even maps, names and tales based on places, as well as an unfinished book in the works, which have never seen the light of day as yet, so if it's something that interests you, then stay tuned and watch the world unfold before your eyes as it evolves.

In the beginning


The Peeps are made up of many species, each with their own governing bodies, belief systems and deities.

The gnomes are guided by a natural drive to aid Mother Nature when and wherever they can, the goblins are more tribal, fearing the ancient forest dwelling gods and the Elves have a symbiotic relationship with their environment.

Such a vast range of breeds and environments means that the accompanying beliefs can be just as numerous, far more than the likes of man (oomuns) could envision.

However even so, there are those amongst the more intelligent of the peeps that share a common lore, which relates far back to what they consider the beginning of it all, a Fae garden of Eden tale, if you will and there are subtle glimpses of it you can catch through the site's characters.

If you take the time to browse through particular sets, you will notice that some peeps will have a charm or trinket or even bare a marking that resembles a rough spiral. This is what is known as "The first breath", A point far back in their history when the first Fae came into existence. These Fae would later fragment into the multitude of species they are now, due to a great cataclysm, which you can read about here on the blog.

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