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The Creation Proccess



The process in which the characters are created has changed considerably over the years the site has been running (about 9 years) and what started out as simple coloured pencil sketches has evolved into a whole new process involving multiple layers of lines, textures and colours to achieve the finished result, however the original concept has always remained the same and every peep begins its journey into the world by being hand drawn with a knife sharpened HB pencil before it is inked over, scanned and transferred to the PC, where all the fun begins.

Once opened in a paint program, the sketch lines are lifted from the image creating a transparent layer and from here on everything is built up layer at a time. First the skin on one, then the hair on another, the eyes under the skin and each layer of clothing, item and prop placed onto a new layer each time. The more clothing or items the character has, the more layers used. This provides the ability to tweak each individual part's hue, brightness and texture to create the desired look and once our little guy's looking his best, everything is merged as a PNG file and resized. Each character can take anything between a few days to a week, depending on its style or what type of creature it's to be.

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